The essential qualities of a healthy body are strength and flexibility and maintaining the proper balance between those two things. No human being is born with strength and flexibility balanced correctly. The best ballerina in the world can’t hold a Hatha Yoga balancing posture longer than three seconds. Like most flexible people’s muscles, her don’t have enough strength. So in Yoga we first use what we are born with to get what we need. If you are strong, use that strength to develop flexibility. If you were born with flexibility, use it to increase your strength. When your strength and flexibility are at the same level, you don’t have to try to balance—the body will balance itself. Once you have a perfectly healthy body, then you have to balance it with the mind.

Another overall way Yoga heals is by serving as a diagnostic tool. Your inability to hold a posture correctly can often tell you which parts of your body are weak or not functioning well. Like a good mechanic, you’ll be running a diagnostic checkup on yourself, locating imbalances to be worked on and organs or other systems in need of repair.

Yoga practice is held on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm in Harris Hall at Riverview United Methodist Church.